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IP Rights Investigation Services in Belgium

In this present era, with the increase level of competition, rise the counterfeiting activities that are responsible for major fall of domestic, non-domestic, commercial as well as non-commercial products and services. Such uncontrolled activities are a big threat for emerging brands and as a result can bring the reputation and the quality to a comprising state. The reason of such activities taking place at higher rates is to earn numerous profits. These intentions are dangerous and require preventive measures.

Welcome to www.belgiumcorporateinvestigators.com, an online platform invented to curb the activities and stand against counterfeiters who take the good advantage of the situation to earn profit. We are the leading Trademark Investigation Services provider in Belgium.

Our professionals are trained for years to detect and stop the rise in infringement activities in Belgium. Our skilled team of IP rights investigators in Belgium are well equipped and trained to handle counterfeiting matters and well experienced to trace the main supply chain. We stand out to be one of the Best IP Rights Investigation Company in Belgium for delivering extensive range of services at large scale.

We are one of the leading Trademark Investigation Services providers in Belgium having specialized unit, which includes, lawyers, trademark investigators, IPR specialists who are trained and have complete knowledge on how and what actions are supposed at be taken when an idea or reputation of a brand owner reaches at stake.

An expansive ray of IPR services in Belgium includes:

  • Trademark/Copyright Monitoring & Watch Notice Services in Belgium
  • Online Brand Protection Solutions & Reputation Management Services in Belgium
  • Test Purchases, Sample and Vendor Information in Belgium
  • Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance & Audit in Belgium
  • Geographical Indication Mark Investigations in Belgium
  • Infringed Trademark, Patent and Design Investigation in Belgium
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence Investigation in Belgium
  • Domain and Trademarks Acquisitions in Belgium
  • Anti Counterfeiting Investigations in Belgium
  • Market Surveys / Market intelligence Report in Belgium
  • Factory and Brand Integrity Auditing in Belgium
  • Grey Marketing/ Parallel Trading Investigations in Belgium
  • Internal Market Monitoring /Custom Protection in Belgium
  • Conduct / Organize Civil Raids and Criminal in Belgium
  • Trade Fair Monitoring / Trade Fair Visitor in Belgium
  • Online Brand Abuse / Brand Value Evaluation Report in Belgium
  • Counterfeited Automobile Parts & Pharmaceutical Drugs Investigations in Belgium

The result delivered by our experts is useful and include all facts required to make an informed decision. The outcome is based on constant monitoring and test purchases which ensures the exploitation of counterfeit or infringement products. We provide one stop solutions which helps clients to be care free for longer period of time.

We undertake and perform each and every case according to the needs of the customer. We ensure to complete each task with complete transparency and while maintaining all norms of confidentiality.

We provide IP Rights Investigation Services in Belgium including Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Li├Ęge, Bruges, Namur, Leuven, Mons etc.

To know more about Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Services in detail, kindly email us at [email protected].